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"Dr. Perry and her staff were thorough, professional, and kind. During my consult, they took the time to answer all of my questions, and I am confident that I will receive excellent care during my upcoming procedure. I understand why my regular dentist, Dr. Chambers at Amherst Dental, referred me to Perry Endodontics." - Krishna G.

Vital pulp therapy is a conservative treatment approach aimed at preserving the vitality of the dental pulp, which is the soft tissue located inside the tooth. It is typically recommended for teeth with deep decay or trauma that have not yet experienced irreversible damage to the pulp.

During vital pulp therapy, our endodontists carefully remove the decayed or damaged tissue from the tooth while preserving the healthy pulp. This procedure helps to eliminate infection and inflammation within the pulp chamber, promoting healing and preserving the tooth’s natural function.

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Depending on the extent of damage and the patient’s individual needs, vital pulp therapy techniques such as indirect pulp capping, direct pulp capping, or pulpotomy may be utilized to achieve optimal results. These techniques involve placing biocompatible materials over the exposed or affected pulp to encourage healing and promote the formation of dentin to protect the pulp.

Vital pulp therapy offers several benefits, including preserving the natural tooth structure, reducing the risk of infection, and minimizing the need for more extensive treatments such as root canal therapy or tooth extraction. It is especially beneficial for pediatric patients to promote the continued growth and development of the immature tooth.

At Perry Endodontics, we prioritize patient comfort and long term followup throughout the vital pulp therapy process. Our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-quality care and achieve successful outcomes for our patients.

If you or your child are experiencing symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, pain, or swelling, it is important to seek prompt dental care. Schedule a consultation with our experienced team at Perry Endodontics to determine if vital pulp therapy is the right treatment option to preserve your dental health and restore your smile.

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