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"As a physician, I know clinical excellence and professionalism when I see it. This is the second time I've needed Dr. Perry's care, and I have complete trust is her and her office. Much thanks to her." - Jay F.

Regenerative endodontics is an innovative treatment approach that focuses on promoting the natural healing and growth of immature teeth with damaged or infected pulp tissue. This specialized technique is particularly beneficial for pediatric patients whose teeth are still developing and maturing.

During regenerative endodontic procedures, our experienced endodontists remove the infected tissue from the tooth’s root canal system. Unlike traditional root canal therapy, which involves cleaning and filling the root canal, regenerative endodontics aims to encourage the regeneration of healthy tissue.

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By disinfecting the root canal space and placing biocompatible materials such as growth factors, scaffolds, and stem cells, we create an environment that supports the growth and development of new tissue inside the tooth. This process stimulates the formation of dentin, pulp, and other vital structures, promoting continued growth and healing of the immature tooth.

Advantages of regenerative endodontics offers for pediatric patients

  • Preservation of tooth vitality and function
  • Continued development and maturation of the tooth's root structure
  • Enhanced long-term prognosis and potential for lifelong tooth retention

At Perry Endodontics, we understand the unique needs of pediatric patients and are committed to providing gentle and compassionate care. Our experienced team at Perry Endodontics is dedicated to staying at the forefront of regenerative endodontic techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for our young patients.

If your child has a damaged or infected tooth requiring endodontic treatment, regenerative endodontics may offer a promising alternative to traditional root canal therapy. Schedule a consultation with our specialists at Perry Endodontics to learn more about this innovative treatment option and how it can promote the continued growth and healing of your child's immature tooth.

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