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You and your staff are outstanding. I’ve been to many doctors in the past for root canal therapy, but you were without a doubt the best. I feel great and I thank you so very much for your care during a very difficult time for me. I’ve told all my friends what a fantastic office atmosphere you have and such a professional staff. I plan on telling Dr. M. the same when I see him. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.Linda, Feeding Hills
Thank you Dr. Perry, You and your staff are wonderful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.Flora, West Springfield
I have read your feedback from other satisfied patients and I agree with all the positive comments sent to you. Dr. Perry and your staff were great and I really appreciate and admire the knowledge you all have in your profession. All of you went out of your way to ensure my root canal was as comfortable as possible, and I just wanted to thank all of you.David, Westfield
Dr. Perry: Thank you for the best endodontic experience I have had. This was my 20th root canal, and the only one where there was not any pain whatsoever both during and after the procedure. Your staff is the most competent and your practice the most efficient I’ve encountered. Thanks again.George, New York City
Dearest Dr. Perry and Staff,
I have written this note to you, over and over in my head; but finally I have enough peace to sit here and share with you. As far as my experience; well I am still in awe of the entire experience!
No exaggeration present in these words. From, the comfort of your front desk staff to the peaceful Zen feeling that embraced my spirit from the moment I walked in; your décor has such a graceful, elegance that is very calming. That feeling continues even in the treatment rooms, even through the sterile, state of the art equipment. Your assistants have a wonderful balance of compassion and expertise. I felt I was the only patient in your office and as we know, that is the basis of success of how we want our patients to feel as they leave our practice. I may have been there for a root canal, but I felt I was treated as though I was at a spa. A definite analogy I plan to use to my patients from now on. 🙂
Dr. Perry, you are really one in a million. I always was before this day confident in my referrals to you, but now after having the pleasure of experiencing your artistic abilities; it puts me in a far higher place. You are an artist and watching you paint your canvas with your interior and exterior abilities has been one of my greatest pleasures to experience!
I thank each and every one of you, with all my sincere gratitude!!!
LoriLori, Dental Hygienist, Westfield
Thank you so much for an excellent visit with you. I have not felt this good and pain-free for months. I’m happy to have found a wonderful doctor and team to take care of these issues. Love the orchids.Thank you again for your care and kindness. Carpe Dentum!Harriet F., Northampton
As you might expect, I’ve visited many physician offices over the years. In addition, I’ve been a medical sales representative for over 25 years. I think I have more experience than most patients regarding physician offices. I can say without reservation that you have achieved what most aspire to. The physical setting is lovely and relaxing, your staff is exceptional (special kudos to Jaime, Elizabeth, and Susan), customer service is outstanding, and of course you, Dr. Perry are one of a kind. Your technique, your connection to the patient, your demeanor all result in a unique patient experience. It is clear that your expectations are very high. How lucky for your staff to have the opportunity to excel and grow. Take comfort in the fact that your staff is performing at your expected levels, from the moment I arrived until the moment I left, I felt as though I was the only patient in the office. Your office is an oasis of calm and good work. It was a pleasure to experience it. Obviously, I will recommend you highly.Eileen, West Springfield
I want to express my gratitude for the fabulous care you provided for me. You and your staff, from reception to assistants to you, were friendly, welcoming and professional. I felt so well cared for. The treatment I received, whether it was direct care, scheduling of appointments. or helping me understand the path of care I needed – you always put me first. Thank you so much. You and your staff have set a new standard that I may never experience againMary, East Longmeadow
Thank you so much for fixing my tooth. You made it so comfortable for me. My mom wanted it to be done painless and good and that’s why she picked you. If I ever need another tooth fixed I’m definitely going to you. Also tell your nice assistant thank you from me. I told the people at Hanson’s office about you too. Thanks again.Catherine, 13 years old, Pittsfield
Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided to me. It was just as Susan and Jaime said it would be. Please also thank both of them, and Sonia too. The entire operation that you head is nothing short of spectacular.Vinnie, Suffield, Connecticut
You have taken such good care of me over the years. You have been kind and gentle and understanding. I probably would be edentulous without your help. I cannot express how grateful I am for your help. You are the best.Dr. Vincent Kane, Retired Dentist, Westfield MA
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for being so wonderful and providing me with the absolute best dental experience of my life. You are all so caring and compassionate that it makes every office visit an enjoyable experience, no matter the circumstances.
Marlyce, West Springfield
I just wanted to drop you a note to say “Thank you” for the wonderful job you all did on my recent root canal. From the first call to your office I was treated so well. Kindness and understanding came right through the phone. Years ago you worked on another tooth and I remembered it being a positive experience. This time was no different. You have a chairside manner that is second to none!! From the cozy blanket, soft reassuring words, careful needles, calming music I was put at ease every minute. (I even enjoyed your gentle humming during your work.) I know dentistry is a stressful field but your office handles it like a PRO!! Even your waiting room is “Spa-like”!Donna, Longmeadow
Dear Dr. Perry,
The very thought of going to a dentist whose specializes in root canals caused me an extreme amount of apprehension. I was truly worried about the outcome. Instead your office worked miracles. The fact that I left your office by 10:00 am, work completed, lent credence to that miracle.
I was totally impressed by the process. I noticed cooperation among the staff. I quickly put you in the category of a person of passion. By all means you are in command of your group. Your order is thought out and reveals mutual trust between boss and subordinate.
The little things which are and sadly lacking in the world today exist in your office and staff. For instance, I was constantly asked if I was all right.
Perhaps I, as a person who had managed many groups, whose sole function in life is to please the customer, on this day I felt you folks were magnificent!
Finally, in spite of the negative feelings when the words “root canal” is mentioned, I no longer fear the process in a large part due to your help and understanding.
My heart is singing with joy this morning.
BobRobert, West Springfield
Thank you for your great teamwork on Monday the 12th , and follow up letter. Pain Free! Feeling Great!
Elizabeth, I still marvel at your professionalism and chairside manner – you are the very best in your field.Dana, Wilbraham
Hi Dr. Cullington,
I just wanted to give you feedback on Monday’s appointment for the root canal. Dr. Perry was very well–informed about my medical history and was very accommodating with my deafness. (This was a direct result of your excellent communication with her before my appointment, and I am truly grateful.) Paul stayed in the room and interpreted my signing and when Dr. Perry spoke her assistant repeated what she said so I could lip-read. At one point I got a little dizzy and she slowed down, sat me up, and was very patient. In the past, I’ve had doctors roll their eyes and mutter when I needed half a minute to rest so I was very appreciative of her reaction. And a funny thing…remember that anxiety I used to have with hearing the drill and suction and such? Completely gone. Deafness has its advantages!
I was extremely impressed with Dr. Perry’s professionalism as well as her patience, willingness to accommodate, and overall care and concern that she showed Paul and myself. I would recommend her to anyone, especially any people who have any special needs. She truly is a caring person and excellent doctor and I thank you for referring me to her. Please share this email with her, as I can imagine people don’t get positive feedback anywhere nearly as often as they should.Heidi, Northampton
Dear Elizabeth,
I thought that I would drop you a short note regarding a brief conversation that I overheard at a Valley District Dental Society continuing education course that I attended.
I was seated next to a dental school classmate, Dr. Aaron., and heard him discussing with another Great Barrington dentist friend of his, specialists to whom they refer. They both mentioned your name with utmost praise. It’s hard to believe that your referral base extends to Great Barrington, but such is the case. Here is the real clincher – they aren’t apparently happy with some of their specialist options and both agreed that they are trying to find…”the Shin Perry of some of the other specialties…” I mean WOW. You have become the standard to which they judge other specialists.
I have always been nothing but extremely pleased with the treatment that you have rendered for my patients and family members. It is nice to hear that other dentists also hold you in high regard. Any patient of mine that you have treated always have the nicest things to say about you. And we both know how people dread a root canal treatment. You are single handedly changing people’s conceptions of root canal treatment.
Keep up the good work; it hasn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated. IF no one else has done it – give yourself a big pat on the back. You deserve it.
Stephen R. Jacapraro, DMDStephen R. Jacapraro, DMD - Agawam, MA